Starfield Journey is an immersive audio-visual installation, which I realised as my bachelor project. It aims to relax on one hand and revitalise/refresh on the other hand. The music is inspired by chillstep and the visuals fit the wide, atmospheric sound and feel.

The movement of the visitor is translated to an activity meter, which in return controls which of the 5 scenes in music and visuals the user sees. Additionally to this indirect interaction, there are several ways to interact directly with the installation. The movement of the camera and the particles on the viewers hands are the easiest to spot, but alert visitors can also hear a change in the sound.

Starfield Journey is a single-user installation to ensure complete freedom of movement and expression. While there is no timeline and the installation is completely dependent on the user, the experience is limited to three minutes in one visit for exhibition purposes.

All music and visuals are made from scratch for Starfield Journey.
Used tools: Touchdesigner, Ableton Live, Logic Pro X, Microsoft Kinect v2

Pictures will follow.